what's this?

this is the third major incarnation of letmebreathe, my very own piece of internet. there's been a lot of revamping. a lot of old content has disappeared or has been rearranged into new categories.
but probably the most noticeable thing about the new version is the layout and all the colors. after creating a lot of designs according to the way i felt, i wanted to try something else: create a design according to the way i would want to feel. hence this one which i lovingly call new sunrise. it is comprised of the following sections:



everything even remotely art-related. photos i took, pictures i created and everything in between. this area is the result of merging the old imaginary site (which honestly never was really updated) and the artwork section of letmebreathe v2.


poetry and short stories are the two main areas of this section. everything was cleaned up a lot compared to earlier versions so things should be a lot more pleasant and easier to read.
there's also a cute little redesigned diary that's waiting for you.


this is the part of shameless self-indulgence. there is a little history of the site with some screenshots (if i can get them) of the various occurences of the site as well as some information about the guy named charon, who he is and why he's doing all this.


here is your place to play. after reading my stuff all the time, this is the place where you can tell me what you think. don't hesitate to criticize – i can stand it.

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