lmb_words_poetry_rigid movement in sudden thoughts

looking away at the least glimpse of me
you lower your eyes, you look away
you had come that far, as saying and meaning
something like "we" would be blasphemous
thinking of many people that crossed my way
I close my eyes, I see them right in front of me
I had no idea what I had found until I lost it
I had no idea what I was doing until I stopped it
until I waited for a moment and thought
of how tired I was
of how hard it had been
of how little I had gained
disappointing many people, doing things
nobody would ever have expected me to do
going around corners nobody had ever seen
thinking of places nobody had ever heard of
remembering people that I had tried to forget
but it never worked out, it never did
and it was not easy as nothing was easy,
nothing was little
nothing was unimportant
nothing was meant to endure