lmb_words_poetry_my valentine

oh valentine, my valentine
please keep an eye on me
forevermore your light shall shine
and both of us will see
that darkness fades, that shadows move
and unity prevails
we shall not part and we will prove
that loving never fails

oh valentine, my valentine
this day shall never end
i'll give you flowers, sweets and wine
and you might comprehend
that parting never is a way
to stop regret and pain
and that we can cease the decay
when sunlight meets the rain

oh valentine, my valentine
let me express what's due
'cause then nobody could decline
i told something to you
that's on my heart by night and day
when i'm awake or sleep
i want to please you, make you stay
and drown in your eyes' deep

oh valentine, my valentine
there's one thing left to do
to become yours and make you mine
i'll have to talk to you
so could you turn around once more
and simply look at me
'cause then i could live up before
i grow too old to see