lmb_words_poetry_the men and the storm

the storm that had come
caused some shocks in the world
on radio, news and tv
the people were frightened
they dared not to speak
and suspiciously watched every tree

not much was then known
of those men over there
which was why they were just called "john does"
but when they had died
which had now been the case
everyone at once cared for their woes

they said on tv
that a thousand were killed
and there seemed to be yet more to come
and even the ones
that had not cared at all
felt their hearts merely beat like a drum

one of these men
who was awfully rich
spent a few thousand dollars to take
his new helicopter and
with it a doctor
who knew what would now be at stake

it took them some hours
and then they were there
on the island of vast devastation
and shocked they were both
as the pilot on board
told them he'd been here for recreation

they landed and left
right to enter the wind
which was hardly much more than a breeze
though the rich man coughed hard
as he fell o'er a shard
and raised to his feet with a wheeze

he walked to one man
who still lived on the land
and had been hit hard by the storm
and he asked him quite quiet
with a tear in his eye
whether there was still any place warm

"not really" he answered
and lowered his head
and looked in the bonfire's flames
"and all those great people
who offer us help
just fool us, use us for their games"

the rich man then looked
o'er the village out there
with not even one house intact
and his greed and his grief
just fell off like a leaf
off a tree that had once seemed perfect

"why are they not helping?"
he asked the "john doe"
and pointed at others quite near
who left injured behind
packed posessions and ran
before the next 'perfect storm' would be here

"they are not hard-hearted
they are simply poor
and they try to save all that they can"
the man opened his heart
and he opened his purse
and never was seen there again

the other donators
who spent of their funds
that they earned not quite honest while working
on 'top secret projects'
laughed, stayed in their seats
and their legs on the table were jerking

the profits they'd gain
the publicity too
that really excited them much
as our nice rich man left
the last thing that he thought
was "well, there must be people like such"

but the pilot was killed
and the doctor died too
and with them our old and nice man
the copter just crashed
in the waves and was smashed
and since then was not seen again

that's all i can tell you
you'll find out the rest
my dear reader i'm sure about that
but life is no poem,
no story, no tale
and on that, i think, i'd even bet