lmb_words_stories_In the dark

He sat alone in the chamber waiting desperately for some light to see what he felt under his fingertips. It was pitch dark, which scared him to death. He had almost never been alone before, there had merely always been other people. Slowly he moved his fingers over the metal square on the wall. It felt very cold though he could feel the warmth of his hand slowly floating into it. He could not tell for how long he had been sitting there, if it were minutes, hours or days. As he felt a sudden blow of air in his neck he quickly hurled around. As he was unable to see anything, his fingers left the little square on the wall and his arms moved upward, trying to touch something in the dark although deep in his head he hoped he would not find anything. He heard the voices from above, laughing, talking and sometimes even singing merrily. He did not dare to call them, to scream or shout. He did not know why, he just felt that it would be wrong. Still slowly moving his hands through the darkness he heard something behind him. Again he turned around as quickly as he could. There was a low, quiet sound, constantly repeating in an awful, painstaking rhythm. Click… click…… click click. He slowly moved his head to find the source of this sound which appeared to grow louder and louder the longer it endured. As he moved, still raising and lowering his hands, he suddenly felt it again, the little metal square on the wall. With his fingers shaking uncontrollably at the even more rising sound he traced its outlines. It was about five centimetres at each side and stuck out of the wall for about half a centimetre. But the most striking thing he felt was that it was not even. The lower side appeared to be pushed into the wall a bit more than the top. The sound was getting even louder, as it seemed. He pushed his hands against his ears but it did not stop at all. There he made the decision. Suddenly having lost his fear, or at least hoping so, he lowered his hands again, took up the right hand and laid it onto the metal square again. With a last sigh he closed his eyes and pushed the lower side.

Suddenly bright light filled the room which he could even see through his closed eyelids. As he slowly opened them again, he could not believe his eyes. The room he had been in was bigger than he had imagined it to be. There were walls of stone with sideboards standing in either side of the room. On one wall there was a small window which was opened only a tiny little bit. As he almost touched it with his fingers, he could feel the slight cold breeze again. The sound that he realized was still there, although much lower than before, seemed to come from outside. As he looked through the window, he saw that it was raining outside. Some raindrops fell onto the gutter below the window, producing the sound he had been so afraid of.
Suddenly he heard a door open. A woman of about fifty with black hair and dark brown eyes was standing in the entry who looked at him suspiciously. "What are you doing here? I thought you just went to get a new bottle of wine, honey. You have been down her for almost ten minutes!"
"Wine? Wine, sure", he replied, not really knowing what to say. Suddenly he remembered, he was in his house, there was a small party going on upstairs, the woman was his wife and he, well… that was the thing he was not so sure of.
"Who… who am I?", he asked, knowing exactly that the question would sound ridiculous to his wife.
"Oh no, honey, did you forget it again? You are supposed to take these pills. You see what happens, if you don't! Come on now, we are all waiting for you! At least it's your birthday!"

(april 2002)