what's this?

here you'll find all my more lyrical and prosaic attempts to express myself. i've cleaned this section up quite a bit compared to the last version of this site. a lot of boring repetitive poetry has been thrown out for example. focus – the first rule of writing.



from pimple-faced puberty love to pondering the world in just a few simple steps. it's all rather old stuff but i like some of the poems too much to just throw them into a corner and forget them. and my cheap little digital camera. in the future, there'll perhaps even be some shots i took with my crappy cellphone camera as it's the only one i've got with me all the time.


after the first rush of words that ends up, mostly, in poetry, there is the phase where i've got an idea in my head that just sounds too good to not make something of it. and if that rare event occurs and coincides with enough time and will to actually put it down, it ends up here. the world in three words.


the most current area of the site. this is where all the last-minute thoughts end up. sometimes it turns more into a weblog kind of thing where i prate about things that are currently happening, the next minute it's hard to explain impressionist stuff... see for yourself.