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no 213
 name: sassl
 date: 21. 05. 2006, 11:01 Uhr
 homepage: none
 comment: 1) may 3rd was great. funilly i have a very old image of you in my head that keeps popping up from time to time. it's on a field trip to freisheim, in front of the hostel. you dropped a bottle you were holding and everybody (we both know who everybody was in particular) laughed their heads off. and then you cut your hand as you picked up the shards and there was even more laughing. (it was bleeding) and you probably know how it went on. it's just that i only then realized how very much this all got to you (,too). i can't really remember what i was doing at that moment, i just fear i could have done better. you always very much looked like standing straight and not letting it get to you and the best thing to do was never change for them. just to mention that.
2) as for saying thanks to one of the people who were most important during that time: you definetely were the pillow, the cool side and sand during high tide.

no 212
 name: sassl
 date: 18. 04. 2006, 18:00 Uhr
 homepage: none
 comment: @stage of things: this is appr 30 seconds after I asked whether I could call you about that internet-connection. I did not NOT reboot the computer.
you can say what you want about windows, at least I'm used to the kinds of errors you have to face. this is a whole new universe of problems!

no 211
 name: sassl
 date: 18. 04. 2006, 01:19 Uhr
 homepage: none
 comment: h-- then?
(...notice i'm back online though...)
 charon says: ah, more c++... c being confusion, you know?
(yes, i noticed... what's the state of things?)

no 210
 name: sassl
 date: 09. 04. 2006, 10:48 Uhr
 homepage: none
 comment: h ?
 charon says: hope... used to be...

no 209
 name: sassl
 date: 20. 02. 2006, 14:15 Uhr
 homepage: none
 comment: du bist wie diese menschen mit 1000 email-adressen, nur dass es bei dir seiten sind...
 charon says: _und_ e-mail-adressen...

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