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no 218
 name: Kringel
 date: 13. 11. 2006, 18:10 Uhr
 homepage: http://www.fckw2.de/
 country: Germany
 comment: Again, I'm very impressed. My friend, I'd love to be have as creative as you are.

See you @ school!

PS.: What's got Lord Vetinari to do with this? ;-D

no 217
 name: cont
 date: 16. 07. 2006, 15:38 Uhr
 homepage: none
 comment: 10) would be: nick cave - breathless
47) would've been the same and isn't an issue any more.

no 216
 name: again
 date: 12. 07. 2006, 17:53 Uhr
 homepage: none
 comment: this is just too tempting.

1) makes you want to dance: gorillaz - feel good inc, new model army - 51st state
2) makes you happy: counting crows - mister jones
3) reminds you of an ex-lover: the hives - walk idiot walk (which i think is sad, but...)
4) reminds you of an ex-friend: sportfreunde stiller - wellenreiten
5) describes your relationship with your parents: alanis morissette - perfect
6) makes you cry: radiohead - creep
7) makes you laugh: ärzte - jag aelskar sverige
8) makes you ponder life: eels - grace kelly blues
9) says a lot about you: levellers - confess
10) reminds you of the one you want: i'll tell you some other time...
11) you wish you wrote: radiohead - paranoid android
12) you never want to hear again: just about anything by tocotronic
13) you want played at your funeral: calexico - quattro
14) you want to get married to: none, if i ever did that, i'd want to hear him say *yes*
15) makes friends think of you: straylight run - existentialism on prom night
16) you once loved but got sick of: smashing pumpkins - zero
17) you love by a band/artist you hate: weezer - island in the sun
18) you sheepishly admit to liking: shakira - hips don't lie and the "nightfall in midde earth"-record
19) makes you want to mosh: red hot chili peppers - give it away (no, really, try it)
20) you'd do anything to see played live: alanis morissette - uninvited
21) reminds you of your childhood: tchaykowski's (i think, that's how you'd spell him in english)nutcracker suite
22) sums up your teenage years: skunk anansie - brazen (weep)
23) most people like but you hate: anything by tomte or the beatsteaks
24) you love the lyrics of: nick cave - as i sat sadly by her side
25) you used to hate but now love: jamiroquai - king for a day
26) is best played in the car: serafin - no happy
27) you like to fall asleep to: silence
28) you like to wake up to: i don't like waking up
29) you like out of your parents record collection: barclay james harvest - sip of wine
30) you love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend: tom mcrae - a&b song
31) makes you think of someone who died: eagle eye cherry - save tonight
32) you love the video more than the tune: i never watch music videos...
33) reminds you of your first crush: wohlstandskinder - die zahl
34) is good to listen to whilst holding hands: sigur ros - track 4 on ()
35) you love which is from your favourite movie: gomez - we haven't turned around
36) makes you think of the moon: loreena mckennitt - bonny swans
37) makes you think of stars: doors - waiting for the sun
38) makes you think of the sun: karamelo santo - la kulebra del amor
39) makes you think of the night: anathema - pressure
40) makes you think of sex: there's basically nothing i can't do with music playing. except this.
41) makes you think of being alone: straylight run - the tension and the terror
42) makes you smile: phish - farmhouse
43) you love to hear at clubs: on the rare occasions that you get it: tool - sober
44) is not your "typical type" of style but you love anyway: natasha bedingfield - unwritten
45) reminds you of your best mate: monty python - money song
46) reminds you of your siblings: nick cave - weeping song
47) reminds you of the one you want but can't have: we had that before
48) you can sing really well: like, none?
49) you love which is instrumental: john ottman - main theme from the usual suspects
50) has only been released recently but you love already: i'm broke, so it's not exactly recent: tool - right in two
 charon says:
this is just too tempting.
it is, isn't it? ;o)

no 215
 name: sassl
 date: 21. 05. 2006, 23:51 Uhr
 homepage: none
 comment: this is me reporting a major bug: of all things in the world records as well as poetry are not to be sorted alphabetically.
(and before you get started on that: not randomly either, of course)
 charon says: fixed ;o)

no 214
 name: christopher
 date: 21. 05. 2006, 19:59 Uhr
 homepage: http://bassimbauch.de
 comment: an dem dredg lied ist doch genau nix negativ. find ich jedenfalls.

stadium arcadium... hmm. ich hab mehr erwartet, ehrlichgesagt.

musikempfehlungen, dann:

sometree - bending the willow
kommt erst in ein paar tagen raus, aber solang kann man ja die 'Moleskine' oder 'Clever clever, where's your heart' hören. Eine meiner absoluten Lieblingsbands. Komisch schwebende, teilweise laute Musik. Kannst dir ja mal das Video zu 'Seraph' auf sometree.de ansehen. auch, wenn das eher eines der ruhigere beispiele ist. der rest der neuen cd ist auf der newsseite anspielbar

Arab Strap - The Last Romance
Könnte zu deinen Launen passen. Bilde ich mir zumindest ein. Zu den schlechteren natürlich. Hab ich dir die schonmal empfohlen? Keine Ahnung. Die CD beginnt mit 'Burn these sheets that we just fucked in' - und es geht genau so wütend weiter.

Placebo - Meds
Wirst du ja kaum drumrum gekommen sein. Wenn nicht: Song to say goodbye und die britische Single Because I want you anhören. Erinnert mich an die Teenage angst zeit.

Thursday - A City By The Light Divided
Kennst du Thursday? Wenn ja muss ich ja eh nix mehr sagen. Falls nicht: Understanding in a car crash anhören. Ist zwar auf einer der älteren CDs, aber wenn du sie nicht kennst und dieses Lied magst musst du zuerst die Full Collapse, dann die War All The Time und dann die A City By The Light Divided hören. Sehr sehr großartig.

Say anything - ...is a real boy
Ziemlich durchgeknallt, aber auch ziemlich gut. Wie ne Mischung aus Badly Drawn Boy und Cursive. Irgendwie. Irendwie aber auch gar nicht.

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